HGH Fragment (176-191)

HGH Fragment (176-191)
HGH Fragment (176-191)



Fragment ( 176-191)
2 mg (10 Vials)

The HGH Fragment is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 of the human Growth Hormone (GH) polypeptide. This peptide, as the name implies, is a piece of the 191 amino chain that makes up growth hormone, from positions 176 through 191 to be exact. This fragment has been shown to induce lipolysis, or fat breakdown, and even inhibits lipogenesis, which is the transformation of food materials into fat stored in the body.
Research studies have shown that these happens both to humans and to animals. This short amino-acid chain that make up Fragment 176 is only about 10% of the length of the entire strand of growth hormone and seems to have no other typical positive or negative effects that growth hormone does such as actual growth of tissues or insulin resistance.

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