Authenticate your product

Authenticate your product

Take the 4 steps of authentication

Alley Pharmaceuticals has managed to find new solutions that can constantly confirm the security and authenticity of Evogene. Alley’s Evogene can be detected by the unique texture anti-counterfeiting sticker on the Evogene package. Observing the sticker on each kit is not enough. To fully verify, the unique codes on each kit must be inputted to validate 100% the authenticity of the Evogene kit.


– Visually inspect the kit before you open or break the seal of the sticker.
– Visually inspect the sticker on the front of the kit.
– The sticker should NOT be broken.
– Other fake Evogene may look similar so please be aware




– Inspect the visible serial number from the anti-counterfeiting sticker.
– The sticker MUST be intact and NOT broken.
– Read the 7- digit serial number on the sticker and then type the numbers in the verification form.




– Use a coin or any other object suitable to scratch off the anti-counterfeiting surface.
– The page will display an image of your package’s anti-counterfeiting sticker.
– Enter the 7 – digit Validation Code and press the VERIFY button




– Finish your identifying.
– You will see that the QUERY result show that you have an Authentic product.
– In case that it is not the same, the query result will show it is fake Evogene product.